Thrilled. Two books finished.

In the last 2 days I’ve final-edited and re-uploaded 2 books. A Fading Voice and The Cielonaut.

Both of these are important collections to me, for different reasons and it’s wonderful to have them in what I hope is final form.

Both deal with loss and being lost, so there is some natural association between the two.

The Cielonaut is loaded with greyscale versions of the images that inspired me.

I am likely to release them in paperback form early next year, but it may be directly through myself only, for awhile. I was able to direct a book to be delivered to an address in the UK recently and that process went very well, so I’m becoming more confident that I can get copies of books at a reasonable price to any address in the mainstream of IngramSpark activities (US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia). My hunch is that I will be able to offer bundles of 2 or 3 books as my standard package (not signed, unfortunately).

Anyway, delighted with progress so far,


The Cielonaut cover
A Fading Voice cover

17 thoughts on “Thrilled. Two books finished.

    • Thanks so much, Derrick. It’s been a bit of a labour of love, but I’m finding it so very much easier to proof read and edit from an actual book, rather than online or from dozens of sheets of printed paper.

      I think I get a little extra pleasure out of ‘making good’ the small errors when I can properly see what they will look like when finished.


    • Yes Liz, IngramSpark.

      I sent one of the books I’ve been assembling to a UK address just before Christmas – took about a week and arrived in time for Chrissy Day. Very pleased with that.

      I haven’t quite worked out how to charge – inasmuch as I don’t know if someone elsewhere can buy in their own currency and I receive funds in Australian dollars, and such. Probably easiest to just use PayPal rather than Squarespace, which is where I have my store.

      The delivery charges are one-off, regardless of quantity or number of different books included in the same order, so I’m thinking that bundles rather than singles might be the way to set up and go forward.

      The Fading Voice book is difficult for me too describe or relay. I find it quite an involving thing, but it is by no means a perfect telling. I’m hopeful readers will get something from it.

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      • Thanks Liz.

        I’ve had no trouble with Ingrams. They have been my great enabler. Any problems have been dealt with quickly and well. That’s Australia, though. I am a member of a couple of Ingram’s groups on FB and the amount of groaning and moaning is extraordinary. I suspect that – like me initially – folk fly into getting a book uploaded and do incomplete preparations. It may be that Ingram’s has different issues in other countries, as well. I’m happy though.

        Thanks for the offer of a review, Liz. I’ll take you up on it, but it will be some time before I get to creating an ebook version that I can send out. Too many other works to whip into shape and I am just in live with creating the paperbacks and learning the art of all that goes with it.

        I’ll weary of it soon enough, I guess and then will scoot over to the ebook versions.

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      • The first times are the trickiest, I think.

        I’ve started to get the hang of using Calibre, but have focused away from that to do the paperbacks. When I get to a point where I can leave them I’ll do e-pub after e-pub, using the same format and the same routine (and the same layout for each book).

        It has been a blessing of doing so many collections as individual books all in one big batch, I think. All the issues and problems and so on become common. Solve one, solve them all.

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      • It took a while for the penny to drop, I have to admit. Not so daunting now.

        Lousy for work with picture books. I have a steep learning curve to go through there when I get back to it, if I bother.


      • I too look forward to these milestones Frank I wish you every success in 2021. I also look forward to reading them and please count me in re: copies


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