from relative dark (to wondering night)

what is the colour
in the grave

it looks dark
down there

where shadow
against light

where day
the end
is night

and we spread
the sand
from a silvered spoon

throw rosemary
onto the wood

we begin
to fill the space

and the coffin

he doesn’t move

he is gone
and all that is left
is we

who congregate

say a word

mingle more
then leave

wondering who
is next
this year

will there be
one more
so many gone

I don’t know
some nights I wonder


11 thoughts on “from relative dark (to wondering night)

    • Thank you, Anne. Yesterday was in response to being a pall bearer, but I’m also working wth one of the Tibetan books on Life and Death, so this theme is at the forefront, for the moment.

      Definitely a case of making sure we use our time to really live.


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