I love making books.

8 New Covers for 8 new titles

As soon as I heard the foorsteps on my driveway a few minutes ago I knew that it would have to be my new titles being delivered.

Just a feeling.

The top row are the last of my Archive series. Books 17 – 20, and bring my otherwise unassigned poetry up to 2020. Anything being written now can bide its time till next year, and a Volume 21, I reckon.

The theme for this group of 4 books is local grasses that I have taken pictures of in the last couple of weeks.

I think I need to move away from describing all these books as ‘journeys’, though that seems an accurate description of the contents, most of the time. I’ll work on that.

The lower 4 collections cover dementia, a fantasy series about being lost in space, some seventeen syllable poetry that covers some specific areas – hidden harmonies, secret shrines, and so on. The last of them is a fantasy collection, that covers a wide range of topics.

As with all of these, none are quite ready for release and will want some editing attention, but the fact of them is a delight. They exist in book form and I can play with them now at my leisure.

Woo Hoo!


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