at all (a living)

it is for . . .


it is for living
don’t you know

is that
what you are doing

is it really

I have woken
in the morning
with my head full
of thoughts
and plans

and concerns

and I have woken
with my head filled
with bleariness

for the sake
of work
and obligation

so many different kinds
of obligation

I have done
those things
that I had to do
without complaint

for the most part

here I am
here we are

this is a time
and these are days
like none before

and someone died

not me
not me
someone died
and I am wondering
if he really lived

really lived
do I live . . .

and you my friend

at all


5 thoughts on “at all (a living)

  1. As I struggle with having to stay at home for the upcoming Christmas, birthday, and New Years holidays all within a week, I try very hard to live, as opposed to simply existing. I do get out with the camera, probably something I’m not supposed to do under our new “stay at home” orders, but who would ever have though that, after 80 years of living, my life would wind down in this way?!

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    • There are words for this year, Janet, but I prefer not to use them. So many folk have experienced so much that is appalling.

      Keep taking your pics. Send me some of your stars if you are able – I might start a little series of people would like to take pics of their own stars and tell me what they see.

      Beats weeping, that’s for sure.

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  2. This one really spoke to me, Frank That is what I love about your work: you get to the point very quickly. Love this one (if I may be so bold)


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