southern stars (for christmas)

Southern Stars 1

I give you

I give you

Southern Stars 2

what you see is
I see

Southern Stars 3 (Mars)

christmas comes
and that star
that once shone

Southern Stars 4 – Great Dipper

may these
my stars
on you

Southern Stars 5

my stars
may shine
on you


17 thoughts on “southern stars (for christmas)

  1. I didn’t realize you’d see Orion, upside down or not — we don’t see the Southern Cross, but the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia are the directional pointers for our North Star — I’m sure there are many other differences, and will also look forward to learning about them!

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  3. I can’t argue about the starts and planets though I love a MARS bar My husband takes an interest in this I like the equation with the star that lit the world at Christmas and our stars Great thoughts

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