Bakery Bears (too) – a first review!

Sometimes life moves too quickly. It was only . . . well, to be honest it seems like just yesterday that the Beechworth Bakery Bear e-books were an idea, let alone released into the wide world.

Robbie Cheadle has posted the first review of e-book (too), and I’m thrilled that she enjoyed it. They are such cute bears and I have an enormous soft spot for them. Here is Robbie’s review.

Thank you, Robbie.

here is where
you’ll find . . .
the bears!

13 thoughts on “Bakery Bears (too) – a first review!

    • Thank you, Liz.

      I’m starting to weaken on the idea of releasing these (and others) in book form. I’ve come to realise that these are all once-only moments. It isn’t possible to go back and have those same conversations with the bears – they are changed. It’s the same with the voices from the Trash and Treasure set. I can take new pictures, but those voices are gone.

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      • I’m concerned that the quality of my images isn’t quite up to print standard. It’s a bit of a dilemma. They’re ok for e-books, no problem, but the standard for print isn’t quite there. Close, but no cigar.

        I can no, of course, take and preserve my images to an acceptable standard for working with, but the moments in the originals aren’t really replicable very easily, if at all.

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      • It’s tricky. I have the e-books for the bears as a hard copy and as a paperback. I am delighted with them (and with the book of Voices from the trash), but my personal delight doesn’t necessarily equate with something that is acceptable.

        In the end, I’m such a small fish that I suspect it really doesn’t matter much. Just my own sense of what is ok and what isn’t (and why) to deal with.

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