5 at the Mic. Reading at The Carrot Ranch

Carrot Ranch – 5 at the Mic

A Spoken Word Event

Charlii Mills and The Carrot Ranch are well known in blogging circles for supporting and facilitating writers and writing, by activities on the blog and also via the Carrot Ranchers Facebook Group.

One of the Facebook group’s initiatives has been to institute 5 at the Mic – a spoken word live reading every third Tuesday.

This is a wonderful initiative. I can’t stress enough how much my own work developed through participation in Spoken Word and live reading events. It is a must for any writer getting to know their own style of writing and reading, while at the same time becoming exposed to the way others, at various stages of their own development, are doing their business.

A very different experience to reading written work off a page.

Time Zone Challenges

Time zones have prevented me from seriously thinking about participating, previously, but Charlii has found a way to make a spot that works for an Australian participant, so I’m going to saddle up on Wednesday morning, my time, to read a few.

The way the timezones work, the event is scheduled for 7:00pm US EDT on the 17th November, which is 11:00am Australian Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday the 18th of November, where I am in Beechworth, Australia. (Strewth!)

What to Read . . .

I’m thinking that what I should do is christen one of the archive books that I’ve been so preoccupied with recently and perhaps read some poems from back in the days when I was first putting my name down on the chalkboard and nervously rewriting freshly scribbled poems, moments before my turn to read.

Want to Attend?

5 at the Mic is a Zoom meeting and I think that if anyone wishes to tune in, you just need to chase down the Facebook group through the link above, or get in touch with Charlii at the Carrot Ranch – also via the link above.

As has always been the case, I feel just a little nervous thinking about reading my work and being amongst peers, so it will be lovely to scan the audience list and see some known, friendly names and faces.

See you then!


10 thoughts on “5 at the Mic. Reading at The Carrot Ranch

  1. I’ll probably post my little rehearsal beforehand on YouTube. It’s my first Reading from one of my new archive collection of books. I love being able to out together a set list from a book rather than off the computer or loose pages.


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