And now, there is more.

A couple of weeks back I posted about receiving a new set of books – my Bachelard Interpreted series, with 8 volumes and Book of Evenings and Memoir of a Dog thrown in. That post is here.

Since then I’ve had a fire lit beneath to get my archive together and into book form, so I’ve been madly formatting and sorting out. I’ve been a prolific writer over the years and have had significant purges of work that I found to be cringe-worthy or too dated, so most of the work that remains has some meaning, or reminds me of a developmental step I was pursuing, or just an occasion or event that seems worth retaining. It is still a lot of material.

Today has been a big day in the life of that project. This morning I uploaded the latest tranche of seven books to be printed – bringing the archives to the end of 2017.

This afternoon though . . .

Packages in the mail . . .

Packages from the printer IngramSpark were delivered to the table at the back of the house – the usual place for book deliveries.

Oh boy!


Nine books in the first package . . .

You don’t mind if drag this out, do you?

Archive Books 1 – 9

The first nine books in the Archive.

Once again, the covers reflect a fairly amateur approach on my part, and there is much work to be done on font selection and image treatment. Oh well! The next set (I believe) is a bit better, but have to wait and see.

In terms of these covers. The first four (above) are derived from an image of red bark – a type of conifer that wears a colourful red rust.

The second set are derived from an image of a beetle that I snapped in my wanderings a week or so ago. Poor old Book 9 really isn’t quite up to the job, though it doesn’t look too bad, in person. Something to work on, but I’m quite delighted with them, overall, just as I am with the Bachelard Interpreted group. A joy.

But . . . that’s not all. There was a second package!

Voices In The Trash cover.

This book is particularly dear to me, though it is not perfect by any means and has the same problem with images that devilled the Beechworth Bakery Bears project i.e. pictures were not looked after by the photographer. (This link will go to my post re the first review of the Bakery Bears e-books by Cage Dunn, if you want to recap that).

I think it is wonderful, regardless.


The two mannequin heads above make me smile every time I see them. So aloof and snobbish!

A line-up of suspects.

Collectively, the images and their little stories transport me to the babble and cacophony that I experienced when I first visited the Mill Markets in Daylesford, where the images were taken. The place was alive and needed to be recorded – a moment in its existence.

It is important to me to have turned this into a book for my own shelves because it doesn’t exist anymore. The market is there and it is filled with objects still, but they are different, and I am different and these conversations and interactions can never happen again.

By the way, a measure of my personal development as a book creator is that I managed to work out how to include page numbers, this time. A feat that was beyond me when I did the Bakery Bears.


5 thoughts on “And now, there is more.

    • I’ve been carrying these things in my head and on various computers for years, Claire.

      It’s quite wonderful to finally put them in a book. Makes them tangible, in a way they haven’t been previously. Lovely.


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