A little more on covers . . .

I posted earlier today about covers and provided an image from the batch of books that I’m currently waiting to receive – most likely next week. Here is that post if you’d like to re-visit that.

I’m quite the amateur in regard to covers, with a lot still to master in regard to artistry and Font management and so on. My approach is that I’ll learn from each and rather than trying to perfect one cover, I’ll try to build more knowledge and ‘fine touch’ into the next. This is how I evolved my craft as a poet/writer and I don’t see that covers is greatly different.

Here is one of the covers images that I’ve used for books 1 – 4 of the archives.

Archive Book 1 cover image

I thought I’d say a little more because what I’m attempting isn’t completely random. I have a (small) grand theory.

In using a single source image and then creating derived images from it – distorted, warmer, cooler, twisted pixelated etc, I have an objective. Perhaps a couple of objectives. Let’s see:

  1. I want the poetry to be considered as a series, and for a reader to have an expectation of continuity, or relationship between the work in one volume and the next. Stand alone, but with links, both backward and forward (sort of).
  2. I want the covers, in the same way, to stand alone, but to also have a discernible connection. Different, but same/similar.
  3. I hope that the poetry lends itself to some small contemplation/s. In the same way, I want it to be possible for a reader to consider the similarities and differences between the cover images. An invitation to reverie.

I know very well that achieving these kinds of objectives is a bit of an aspirational goal, but it is there and to that extent my tampering with images in intentional and directed.

Successful execution? Well, there’s time, I reckon.

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