Projects, projects.

I’m finding it difficult to believe, and I’m not sue what I’ll do with myself!

What am I talking about? I’ve submitted a total of 8 projects for Ingram Spark to print for me. New books, that is.

I made good progress with the group of eight that I was pre-occupied with – The Bachelard Interpreted group. They are submitted. I then determined that I should add one of the collections I have in mind to release next year to the list. Memoir of a Dog is one of the collections that Leanne and I put together in 2009 and that I want to release in current form. I’ve hesitated to pursue it because it is full of illustrations, but I think I’ve pinned them down well enough, for paperback, at least. Well enough to take a look at and get an idea what needs fixing.

Then finally, I decided to bite the bullet and create another picture book. Same deal as the Beechworth Bakery Bears, in that this collection of pictures came from the period of time when I was ruining photographs, but I really want to have a copy for my personal collection, so I went ahead and have uploaded it.

I’ll be interested to see how it comes out. The collection is called Voices: in the trash. The images were taken at a trash and treasure market a couple of years back. They spoke to me. I wrote their voices. So it goes.

Anyway, it might be a week or two before all of them are ready and I intend to wait, then order them as a batch, so it’ll be a fun day when that package arrives. I’ll take pics.


7 thoughts on “Projects, projects.

    • I’m very fond of that set and was quite dismayed when I realised I’d not retained the pictures in an acceptable manner. Still, I’m hopeful that with this particular exercise I will have utilised some new skills to produce a better ‘book’ product. If so, I have new material to work with when I get round to it. This time with original pics to work.

      Just in passing, the cost – even at wholesale of producing this set is very high (100 pages, premium colour). I’d have to break it into 2, I think, if I were to try to retail it. Shows a good reason why picture books tend to be of smaller sizes.

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