Untrustworthy is the bobble!

Memory is not to be trusted. A couple of days back I posted a poem about a bobble-glass vase and a pastry board. What a deceiver!

I had occasion to return to the scene today, with objects actually being placed in the car to be taken away to an Op-Shop, and took photos.

Imagine my dismay when I found that my blue ‘vase’ is . . . well, I don’t really know what it is, but at least I can share a picture. Tomorrow it will be gone.


The other object I mentioned – the pastry-board has had a reprieve. I’ll hang on to it, for a little while at least, to see if it can find a home, rather than just a spot in the garage, where it will be forgotten.

Pastry Board


9 thoughts on “Untrustworthy is the bobble!

  1. I have been clearing things out of my house, we are moving. I was going through my clothes. I keep things for a long time. I have had this one shirt for probably 9 years. It went in the car to. Goodwill drop off, and the next thing I know my husband it carrying it up to me from out of no where. So I wore it again. I guess I am meant to keep this one. My memory serves that the back of our car was empty that day. 😊

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