bobble glass (cleaned at last)

two times I felt
the presence
from the past

from the pantry room
a wooden pastry board

a metre square
I recall it
by a purposeful edge
to hold
fixed in place
while strong arms

biscuits rolled
with jam caught up
ho from the oven

I remember

and another moment
with a sense of . . .

as I washed knick-knacks
before their assignment
to an opportunity shop

I felt the child
engaged in careful purchase
of bobbled blue

a vase
to gift mother
on a special occasion

almost sixty years

it is washed
and clean

hard to believe
it will be leaving

that the old home
will finally be leaving

in some things
the spirit
lays heavy

of all attempts
to clean


From a collection titled: Variations on the theme of Ghost.

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