Bachelard Covers

And of course, when I line them up like this I finally get my own good look at the covers. It is incredibly difficult to get a good sense of the overall when working on them all together. Particularly, I’m finding inserting them in a frame is helpful.

My feeling is that perhaps four of these have potential. There is too much similarity in the colour tones – too much pale and too little variation in the rest – while the fonting needs a little work, as well.

Click on any one and you will get a closer look at them on a carousel. Part of the reason for the problem with colouring is that they are all the same image and my dexterity with filters and distortioning to create distinctions needs some work.

Possibly for a revision, or for a ‘next’ project, I could choose 3 or 4 images and create 3 or 4 variations with each. Getting such a big range out of one pic is a bit of an ask, it seems to me, although I have a better sense of them now and might do better at a second attempt.

Regardless, I’m well pleased with the achievement and the learning that comes with it.

***Edit*** I’ve change 4 or 5 of them already, throwing in a bit of colour. I won’t much more effort into them until I need to.

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