Small Town Kid – paperback discount.

Amazon have taken it upon themselves to pop a big discount (A$8.49) on the paperback format of Small Town Kid for their Australian marketplace. This is incredible value for readers and I strongly recommend anyone interested in a memoir of growing up in and around Beechworth (rural Victoria) in the 1960s and 70s to grab … Continue reading Small Town Kid – paperback discount.

avaunt (a wary air)

women who woreflat-soled shoes thatwas how a female colleaguereferred to them it seemed as thoughsuddenlyquite suddenlythey were everywhere in bureaucratic power all the executive levelsof the public servicewere purged we weren’t used to upheavallike thatback then butall the hubsfrom community servicesto health even the railwaysandof coursejusticehad their share hard core networkerswith no roomfor soft malesunless … Continue reading avaunt (a wary air)