My Survey – your results.

I thought you might be interested in results from my little survey of a few days back. There were 4 questions only, and some room for comments. I have a bunch of results from another group that I asked, but these are from here.

I’m not going to pursue commentary, but I do find the results very interesting and helpful. I think I probably should have asked about age groups and possibly gender.

I’ll likely follow up with a survey about poetry in particular.

Meanwhile, the survey is still open if anyone would like to swell the responses. This is the link.

11 thoughts on “My Survey – your results.

  1. How interesting, Frank. I always by my ebooks from Amazon. I buy selected paperbacks from Amazon and sometimes local book stores if I wander in and they have a book that interests me. I have over 3 000 books in my house so I have been forced into being selective due to space limitations.

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    • I’m impressed that so few questions can produce such thought provoking results.

      I’ll definitely think about more little surveys.

      Personally I struggle with reading books in digital form. I can do articles and project related stuff, but reading for pleasure or for story is something I need paper in hand – usually at bed time.

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  2. My using my iPad for reading is just handier. I can set it up and not have to handle it. My old hands do not enjoy holding a book for a long time. But my family read regular paper books and relish them, all avid readers. Rooms are full of stacked books read, purchased instore mostly. Barnes and Noble is the favorite. We used to have a unique bookstore in Denver named the Tattered Cover, a delight!

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    • It is interesting to contemplate the how and the why our preferences change. I understand that the ability to vary font size with ebooks appeals to a lot of older folk whose eyesight has become impaired over the journey.

      I recently made Pebbles to Poems available to our local Senior Cits Club. A few downloaded it.


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