tomorrow’s problem (here today)

every generation operates
in the same ways

it is bureaucracy
I am speaking of
of course

the movers
and the shakers
of the bureaucracy

a new broom
of reformers
to sweep the corridors clean
of old ideologues
and do-gooders
from the era just passed

so determined

so cynical

so single-minded

great excitement
among the advisors
to the minister
over permission to spend
a million dollars

an astronomical
million dollars
on a lithotripsy machine

in the wide world
had ever heard
of lithotripsy
let alone a machine
to perform it

but the excitement
of a decision
was a celebration
with streamers
and party hats

the resolution
to nagging old problems
such as what to do
with divisions
that had ever existed
within a single profession

general nurses
psychiatric nurses
mental retardation nurses

wrap them up

wrap them

a nurse
is a nurse
after all

make them one

and the rationale

the real
revealed in response
to a corridor plea
in the hallway of power


he said

it is you
who doesn’t understand

you are arguing
bothering yourself and me
about what will be the result
in twenty years time
of something
that we do today

I understand that
will not be here

I will not be here

it is not

we are modernising

get over it

all right?

I remember
that conversation

look at the shape
of the hospital world
the nursing world

the caring

and wonder
what was the point
of trying


8 thoughts on “tomorrow’s problem (here today)

  1. Maybe all the pollies should be treated that way, take away the titles and the allegiances, make sure they can only work in three jobs to be able to survive, ensure they don’t get holidays or perks. I could go on … and on … indefinitely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hiya Cage.

      It’s becoming interesting (though always depressing) to reflect on the way that those heady days have played out over the journey. Our servoces have been modernised to the point where they are rubbish, workforces generalised, then deliberately de-skilled and inflicted on the helpless and unsuspecting.

      Needy on the streets and in emergency rooms and prisons, if not in swags unrolled in shop doorways.

      Quite a result, really.

      Liked by 1 person

      • And the high suicide rate of unmanaged psychological issues on the streets, but at least it’s a cost-saving, right? Makes me sick that it’s about the bottom line and not the care of the body and soul of a living person.


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