shapes of ill (and too much voice)

and I am
too sad
to write

deaths mount

illness climbs

go on

haunting the boundaries
and perimeters


the catcalls
of blame
are growing louder

more insistent

there will be blood
of a political kind
before long

I read the accounts
of plague

of poverty
in the form
of helplessness

in the shape
of a business that once
worked . . .

employed . . .


in new numbers
noted but

and the salesmen
of government
tell us
to be brave

tell us
of support to come

and allocate the blame
only implied)
with a pointing trowel

I need no virus
to make me

only to walk
the abandonment
in the heart
of town

and listen
to representatives
of the polis


14 thoughts on “shapes of ill (and too much voice)

  1. I concur with the previous commenters. This is a very powerful expression of what so many of us are feeling. While there is more than enough blame to go around, at this point, the situation has become so dire that the politicians should just leave the blaming and shaming to history and get on with the business of making decisions that will prevent even more death and suffering.

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