Pebbles to Poems – the campaign begins!

I suppose Stage 1 was getting the book formatted and working as it is supposed to (I hope).

I’ve gone a step further now, and have made the book available to buy pre-release to a select group (which is readers of this blog, at present) for zero dollars. I’m hoping that I’ve managed that right.

So. I’m delighted to invite you to try out the campaign and let me know how it works for you. To get your copy of the book, in whatever e-book format you prefer, the link below will take you to the Smashwords pre-sale page. You should only have to put a tick in the email box – no coupon will be required for this promotion I’ve just gone through the steps and received my copy in epub format, no problems and no charge.

I will be inviting some other folk from groups that I’m a member of to participate, as well, and a little later making it available as an ongoing freebie by making a coupon available to Newsletter subscribers.

That’s how it is supposed to work, but I’m keen to hear if it works in practice.

BTW, the book is now also listed at Amazon as a $0.99 pre-order. I may be able to make that listing a freebie, as well, but it’ll have to take its turn in the queue.

To summarise: Pebbles to Poems can be purchased online at any of the online retailers for $0.99 cents, but is available now for pre-purchase, and will continue to be available through Smashwords for no cost, via the link I’ve provided.


Here, again, is the link to buy your copy for free, from Smashwords. The link is live. Enjoy your copy.

Pebbles to Poems Cover

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