Coming soon (ish) – Pebbles to Poems

I’m a bit of a restless spirit as far as my poetry and book publishing goes. I can’t seem to give myself a moment’s peace, with so much to write, and so much to learn about packaging my work into proper book forms.

Picture books, even. Who would have thought!

One of the things I’ve been learning about is what is described as a lead magnet. Something (usually a teaser or an introduction to a book series, such as a prequel) that is given away in order to entice readers to consider buying the rest, and following and supporting the author.

I’ve been thinking hard about this, and how to do something that would be attractive to potential readers, as well as to myself. At the moment, anyone signing on to my Newsletter gets a welcome note and a little PDF file that says hello and introduces a couple of my poetry collections. It’s something for nothing, but not really very much.

I’ve concluded that I need to have a book. Something that represents my work and which I’m happy to retail for very little, or nothing.

That’s a long-winded way of letting you know that I’ve created a new book, which will be slotted for release soon, and which I’ll be listing at a price of $0.99, but should be able to make available as a free collection for anyone using a coupon at Smashwords. I’m not quite there yet, but soon will be.

Introducing – Pebbles to Poems.

Pebbles to Poems Cover
Pebbles to Poems Cover

A book of extracts from six publications of poetry:

Small Town Kid
Devil In The Wind
The New Asylum

Walk Away Silver Heart
A Kiss For The Worthy
Rescue and Redemption

I’m hoping followers of this site might be interested in, for instance, ‘buying’ a copy for someone they know who might be interested in my kind of writing. The price will be right!

Regardless, though, I’ve enjoyed putting this together and hope that new subscribers to my newsletter and others will be willing to experience my work on a try-before-you-buy basis.

I’ll post more information when I list it and it becomes available.


12 thoughts on “Coming soon (ish) – Pebbles to Poems

    • Thanks so much Eric. It’s a tricky thing – for me at least – in working out what fits the bill, while leaving me feeling ok, and yet giving readers a taste, while serving the purpose that bibles of Indie publish preach..

      It’s a lot of fun, but challenging to get right, so I hope it comes off ok.

      Anyway, done is done.

      The cover is an image from a local lake here where I live, as book-ified by by my good lady, Leanne.

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      • I think I’ll feel comfortable to spend a little promotional money on this one, to see if there is any follow through to paid books.

        I have once before promoted a freebie book and had several hundred downloads, so that part of it will be fine, I’m sure. The interesting thing to measure will be whether there is any follow-through when that happens.

        Here is the Universal link. I’ll try to finalise the zero price on Smashwords tomorrow, but it’s already listed in half a dozen shops, which is amazing.

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      • Fantastic Liz. It seems a straightforward enough system. I’ll send the link out to ARC readers inviting them to download and read, so you might get a second invite generated via Mailchimp. Ignore it when it comes,

        Heck of a learning curve, all this. Making me a little nuts, but I have a better sense of the flow from writing to producing, now, so worthwhile I think.


    • Thanks Robbie. It’ll be interesting. I’ve just created a pre-sale at Smashwords, allowing those with the URL to buy for nix ahead of release. I’ll post that to th eblog, and also to any of my ARC group who might like to try it out.

      I’m hoping to follow up with a permanent zero price for anyone following/subscribing via a coupon.

      Theoretically, a seamless process …

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