saving (for a spear)

it is the time
of saviours

the biblical time
of strife

how many
failures how many
are allowed for each attempted
at a miracle

the failure
of quarantine
when too many

too many shagged

the attempt
at logic

pleading with the faithful
not to stray too far
or too close

no one is
faithful anymore

nobody listens
to any soft voice

and the numbers
of the sick
and the dying
by leaping
toward the sky

three failures
is that

is that
too many

it is enough
for a sword-thrust
into the side

a nail
a pin
to hold so close
to the cross

it is a time
for saviours
i know
i know

so much like a time
for martyrs
for murders
for rituals of

what else is there
can an anointed one


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