beautiful (dancing)

it comes as
an unexpected

a brush stroke
from something
so very soft
and light

with a sense
of weight

a fizz
sensation . . .

as it disappears

rendered unstable
by the too-warm heat
of my skin

with a soft sound
on my shoulder

I have had
to step
to attend some task
or other

and have been
in a flurry-whirl
of flakes
blown thither
by the wind

I have to stop


despite the stiff
creeping over
my exposed face

and the too-thin
trouser legs
of my pants
clinging now
in their attempt to permeate
my body

for the snowflakes
are dancing

for me

and in the moment
I can think of
nothing else

can do
nothing else

only watch

they are


10 thoughts on “beautiful (dancing)

    • Fantastic. Thanks Liz. We don’t get huge amounts of snow where I am – just below the snow line at around 700 metres.

      Nice to be prompted away from the gloom by a little snow dancing.


    • We’re well into our winter, Janet. Yes this was just a flurry in a cold snap, but lovely all the same.

      It’s been a poor ski season over here, they tell me, but I’m not much of a snow-bunny, so not too concerned.

      Glad you enjoyed it.


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