good counsel (in seventy-four)

if ever one
was to
it was she

in truth
at that time I believed
that she knew

such certainty
is a boon
in troubled times

but she
was long ago
and her fallibility
now seems as clear
in hindsight
as it is distressing

for we need the reassurance
that someone
and can give

it is hard
to believe
I could ever have been
so naïve
and yet
I clung to her counsel
as though it were
the new gospel
of nineteen seventy-four

only realizing
my error
in nineteen

and now . . .

a day will bring
what it must

none of it
than what was brought


8 thoughts on “good counsel (in seventy-four)

    • The character is based on a person I knew, but I’m not sure this is the way I will want her to be introduced. The poem is a bit of a try out. I’ll write another approach tonight, I think. Will keep both and look at them down the track.

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