trouble (in a zorro face)

today I
will be zorro

can be marion

a mixture
of images
I know

but the law
has been changed
and I
must wear a mask now

you can be
a highway-woman
and dangerous

what a pair
we will be
we two

dread disease
we want
to do with you

you’ll never find us
we are masked

and swords-people
and parry

do not come near
are trouble

capital T
are trouble


Note: In my home state of Victoria, Australia, Covid numbers are increasing fairly dramatically. The word has come through today that we must mask up in public.

10 thoughts on “trouble (in a zorro face)

  1. There has been a lot of resistance to the wearing of masks — difficult to breathe, civil rights, freedoms, etc. In the areas where such protections have taken place, the statistics seem to be very much better than where there has been wholesale resistance combined with a lack of resistance. It seems to me that my right to the pursuit of life, etc. is worth enough to overcome the unpleasantnesses of wearing a mask when I’m around people with whom I don’t live. It protects me and those around me from what seems a really nasty disease!


    • It’s scary stuff, Ellen, but the whole world is wearing this problem at the moment – with or without a mask. We can’t escape the collapse of Western civilisation just by being small and hiding!

      Ah well. Thank you. You and Ted, please stay safe.

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