Today’s Bears – last week of pre-order

Bear rankings 25/07/20

Delighted to have my little bear book pop up the charts again on the back of a couple of pre-orders.

Thank you, pre-order-ers!

The book is released on July 31st, and you can order a copy, here.

Meanwhile, one other pic, today. Just a note about this. The number of pages is stated as 18. It is actually double that (approximately a regular Children’s Picture Book size. The book reads as a ‘spread’ ie two pages open at the same time to allow image and words to be read at the same time. I’m hoping Amazon will fix that shortly.

The second thing that caught my eye was simply the rankings in different classifications. I’m delighted to have a #12 and a top #50 on show. I really had no expectations for this book, so it is absolutely a delight to see some numbers (not that they mean a lot, being so very fleeting, but still . . .)

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