Oh brother – another picture poetry book

A day off work today. Very lovely.

I’ve spent the entire day in formatting and reformatting a picture poetry book – Voices (in the trash). For Kindle, for e-pub, for book format. These images are taken from a first visit to a huge collectibles barn, with a myriad of stalls, and a myriad of objects.

Book formatting is hard and demanding work. Highly exacting, but such a joy to bring (hopefully) these characters to life.

I thought friends here might enjoy an image that makes me smile each time I re-encounter it. This image is from the Kindle version, and is in the form of a ‘spread’. I still have miles to travel before I have an acceptable non-Kindle version, and the paper version is likely to be for my own library only, but still, here it is.

The first of the Beechworth Bakery Bears e-books is set to go live at the end of the month, and is available now on pre-order. Grab a copy – they’re a lovely little set of characters.

14 thoughts on “Oh brother – another picture poetry book

    • Thanks Derrick.

      It feels like a debt that I owe. The work sitting on my computer has no value. As a book, however – digital or paper – it can sit on someone else’s computer or desk, and perhaps find a worth.

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