Intrepidly . . . you.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful depth of care and concern.

I can’t help but be mindful that none of us have ever met, and yet, the care and concern expressed is deep and real and so very touching.

Whereas, my original post was a poem for a work in progress and intended to examine an attitude, as much as anything, your responses have led to a subsequent piece, dealing with . . .

well dealing with the depth of response that can arise unlooked for and unexpectedly.

Thank you. You are all stars in my firmament.

Frank Prem Poetry


Hopefully this pic of myself setting forth after work (just about to step out of the car) will come through. I’ve had a few problems with pictures, just recently.

Today the request has come through, from our State government, to wear masks in public when we can’t maintain social distancing.

My appearance in the street caused a couple of conversations to immediately turn to the inevitability of masks (etc etc). An interesting impact.

Thank you all for your care and expressions of concern. It is lovely to be a part of such a caring community.


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