pan-time (is all the same)

is the same


even though
the telling

sixteen twenty nine
nine hours ahead of

seven twenty nine
five hours ahead of

new york
two twenty nine

the telling
is different
but time
is the same

I sleep through
your waking

it doesn’t matter
not at all

such things
are just
that we wear
upon a wrist

upon a wall

sleep . . wake . . .


am I
to say

so suddenly clumsy
the wordsmith

five people
during each two minutes
of yesterday

of pan-epidemic
of plague

in not time
at all

they were gone

the news
was on my screen
when I woke
this morning


11 thoughts on “pan-time (is all the same)

  1. Well crafted, Frank.

    Confronting and yet so many aren’t paying attention or actually think that it is not so. It is horrifying to me here to see so much poor behavior, lack of thought process, and total absence of leadership… so many paying the price. How high will that number go?

    “five people
    during each two minutes
    of yesterday”

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    • Ellen, thank you

      Today I was reflecting on the waiting, here in my own little town.[ I think there is the great hope that it won’t come this far, or that the first case locally will ring the bell in time for us all to respond.

      There is a kind of inbuilt inertia or lethargy that just wants to resist, and not be the Jonah or one who stands out.

      It is a merciless thing and when one goes, I think we’ll all go, but still we wait to see.

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