little fish (exits)

I’m always excited to begin a new writing project – no title as yet. I will post from it here, from time to time, I think, but not the entirety. If it proceeds as I hope, it’ll be a biggun.

little fish (exits)- taken from a new WIP

how did we come
like the people
of abraham

how did it become
our place
to be

the answers
are of no moment

is the only time

and here we stand
on the seventh height
of the contagion

a parting of waves
can be achieved
if one
a permit

a parting of waves
if life
is deemed to be
at direst risk

but no one sees
no one
that life
already over

I have two rooms
three children
a wife
a mother

what will we eat
perhaps loaves
fallen like rain
when the clouds
from heaven

a hamper
of some other strange thing
by the brave volunteer

a loaf
a blood test
a confinement

the night time
to follow day

my wife weeps
my children cry aloud

my mother askes
is she still living

there are lights
a sea
that is the city

its tide
is ebb

all life

I see uniforms
walking the sidewalks

guard my little-fish
and all escapes

what crime is this
is it judgement
for a life not lived
only run
and run and run
now I believe
it is over

what life is this
of mine

there is none

I believe
it is over


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