Being bear-ly inspired . . . 2/3

The story so far . . .

I started chatting yesterday about the how and why I became involved with The Beechworth Bakery Bears. Discussing my routine on Early shifts, and my bvelated love affair with images taken by phone, which added a new dimension to my writing . . . or maybe I hadn’t gotten quite that far, but it is where I was heading.

I’ll continue after a couple of minor digressions.

The Bakery today

I thought perhaps you might be interested to see the Beechworth Bakery as I saw it, this morning, before I started my shift (in all its splendour.

The Beechworth Bakery, 06:30 am, July 3rd, 2020

Sadly, seating is currently not allowed due to the virus, but the coffee is still good.

Today’s Bear

Sorry, I wasn’t intending to put in a Bakery Bear at this point, but they can be a bit pushy, and I think this one wants to be in the next Bakery Bears Book (if there ever is one).

Bella Bear

Another digression. I was delighted with the response of readers and friends to the Frank-made bear I posted yesterday, so I thought I should add my other Frank-made bear. This one is named Bella.

Bella Bear – Frank-made

She’s a pretty little thing.

On second thought

I hope you’ll forgive me, but I’m actually a little weary. I think I’ll take up yesterday’s tale in a further installment, tomorrow.

Tune in then!


Another installment here, and here.

16 thoughts on “Being bear-ly inspired . . . 2/3

  1. I ‘bear-ly’ got interested in chatting to Bella, and then suddenly, next instalment is tomorrow, but thank you for your wonderful pictorial article today…. the last time I was in Beechworth was January 2013, for the “Opera In the Alps” performance, my niece was singing…. and I remember having breakfast at the Bakery…

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