speaking of bears . . . 1/3

A Frank-built bear.

no, not that bear . . .

Beechworth Bakery Bear

. . . yes. A Beechworth Bakery Bear!

Development of A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book. A musing, no?

Mick Canning mentioned the Beechworth Bears project in a comment last night, and it coincided with what I hope will be the last change I need to make to the uploaded e-books on Amazon.

The two things combined led to a little musing on my part, and I thought I might as well muse on the blog. They have been quite a journey.

Background to the Bears

The Bakery as site of pre-shift contemplation

Readers may or may not be aware that my professional life is spent working as a psychiatric nurse, here in town. As a nurse, I am a shift worker, encountering numerous occasions of Early shifts starting at 07:00 hours in the morning, and Late shifts starting at 14:00 hours in the afternoon.

My practice, when getting ready to work an Early shift, is set the alarm for 05:45 with a view to spending a half an hour or more in the local Beechworth Bakery with a coffee and, perhaps, a copy of the current Bachelard translation in hand, with a view to attaining serenity and some fresh verse for whatever the current collection that I’m working on is, before I roll up the hill to commence my shift.

I wrote many, many contemplations of time and the way it works, while reading sections of Bachelard’s Intuition of the Instant and sipping a flat white, before dawn.

Bears and other items

While the early morning crowd at the Bakery is generally small and quiet – keeping self to self – there are other inhabitants, and sundry goods that can be purchased.

Bread and buns

Pies and cakes

Bakery Books

Re-usable mugs

Bakery Sun-hats

The list goes on. Beechworth is a tourist town, after all, and the Bakery is one of the best-known attractions.

Often in the mornings, I would find myself sitting in a position facing a trolley filled with soft bears, each wearing a baker’s hat, and a Beechworth Bakery apron. Cute.

I didn’t think much more about them for a long time.

Is that a phone, or . . . a camera!

As I grow older, my resistance to new technology, in particular, also grows.

For years, my version of a mobile phone was just that. A mobile phone on which I could make and receive phone calls.

Came the day for me to acquire a new one, I acquired an Oppo, but didnn’t get it hooked up to telephony immediately. Instead, I discovered digital camera photography.

Suddenly, everything I saw was an image! Every image needed to be illuminated and expanded with a poem.

Some examples include a walk around the township (even after dark), a walk around the lake, clouds, and many more.

I have no background in photography, so the production of a lovely image from a point-and-shoot process was almost overwhelming in its possibilities.

Beechworth Bakery Bears (with Tom)


I’ll write some more about the trials and tribulations progressing from cute picture to an actual book next time out. Meanwhile, A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book is available for pre-order.

Another installment here, and here.

21 thoughts on “speaking of bears . . . 1/3

    • Mick and I were touching on bears in passing and it led me off on a reflection, Liz.

      The Frank-built bear? I had a little period of whimsy during which I made a couple of bears from patterns that I scrounged from around and about.

      My other handcraft type activity is cross-stitching. I’ve done a few of those that Leanne has framed up.



    • Unfortunately that’s the way they do business, Kaz. The day after the book goes live, the look inside will become available (or at least it did on my last one).

      Glad you liked the look of them. They’re a bit rascally.


  1. It is good to read about your morning routine. When I worked in Westminster Social Services I would run 9 miles to work with a backpack, giving me time for a shower in the office building followed by a fry up in a local café


    • It is a wonderful experience to have a little creation – like a teddy bear – come to life, in a way, through your own work.

      The journey from unrelated pieces to a created whole is worth celebrating and revisiting, for me, at least.

      I’m delighted you liked this charactor Ellen. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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