Rescue and Redemption – 2nd Video Trailer

I’m overly-impulsive when it comes to these things, meaning I end up with sun streaming in through the window and other events happening that should be controlloed. But . . .

I do enjoy reading my work and so, when th emood strikes, I go video!

I’ve done another video trailer for Rescue and Redemption and popped it up on YouTube for anyone who would like to have a look and listen. There are a few seconds of rubbish audio at the very beginning. Not sure why that is happening and one of these days I’ll find a solution, I’m sure.

The first Trailer focused on the latin prelude and a couple of the poems in response to that.

Today’s trailer goes to just the first (of the two) sections of the Prufrock poem that I used. This link will take you across.


2 thoughts on “Rescue and Redemption – 2nd Video Trailer

    • It’s a relief to hear, Liz. Thank you.

      I enjoy the reading but always feel unprepared (mainly because I am), but if I don’t seize a moment, it would likely not happen at all.

      As for Prufrock and my own work – cross fingers and hope it doesn’t offend the sensibilities, really.


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