Beechworth – my home town

I just came across a Beechworth Tourism site, and thought it might be nice to share.

This isn’t the best time for travelling the world, but we’re all dreamers, and the town is pretty, so take a peek if you feel like doing a little armchair travel or a bit of trip planning.

Here is a wintry shot of Lake Sambell (man-made out of the gold diggings in the mid-19th century).

Foggy morning, Lake Sambell, Beechworth.


13 thoughts on “Beechworth – my home town

  1. Thank you, Frank! I thoroughly enjoyed these posts, reminiscent of a tour I took 20 years ago (a birthday gift to myself) — the portion of the tour from Canberra to Melbourne took us through the Snowy Mountains and perhaps even through Beechworth. What a beautiful area! Yes, that is the painting I stumbled across from Google — your wife is an excellent artist!


    • Yes, Liz. Same town. Long history of gold mining and then (on the back of that) substantial institutions that were the main features of the town.

      Belatedly embraced tourism in a big way and is now quite an attractive destination.


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