Rescue and Redemption – here, already!

It was a bit of a shock to me last evening when I realised that Rescue and Redemption is slotted for release in its paperback form in a day or so, and the e-book version at the end of the month,

I knew these things, of course, because in my great wisdom (or otherwise) I scheduled them that way, but even so . . .

The realisation forced me to get my head back into the right place, firstly by reading through the collection again, from start to finish, and then to get on with a few other things that need to be done, like a Newsletter, and making review copies available to a wonderful group of supporters who have volunteered for the task. This will be the last collection of that kind for the year, I think, so there will be some peace for them (for awhile) from me after this one.

While revisiting all my tasks, I had occasion to log in to my print book distributor – Ingram Spark – and was delighted to see that some print copies have already been purchased. So very wonderful!

Among the things I mean to do when I get a quiet moment is to record a little reading for YouTube. After going through the set last night, I think there are a few pieces that should read well.

For anyone unfamiliar, Rescue and Redemption is the third collection of poems in what I have called A Love Poetry Trilogy. These links will take you to my Author page where you can find the full descriptions and various links (including reviews that have been left on the GoodReads site):

Book 1 – Walk Away Silver Heart

Book 2 – A Kiss for the Worthy

Book 3 – Rescue and Redemption

In each case, I have used a stellar poem, written by a stellar poet over a hundred years ago, and written my own work while using each line and phrase in the original as an underlying prompt as to mood and content.

If you’d like to take a peek at the YouTube clips I’ve previously made of readings from the trilogy (and a few others, pop over to my channel, here. Feel free to leave comments.

Also, if you have a copy of one of the A Love Poetry collection books, or feel moved to get a copy, please feel very welcome to let me know your thoughts and responses, either directly, or through a review. It can be easy for someone like myself to get lost in the tasks of book preparation and seeking reviews and the like, when the real purpose of these endeavours is provide a way for readers to easily find and enjoy the poetry.

I’ll post some more soon. ARC copies, Newsletters, YouTube videos and all the other bits and pieces.

Meanwhile, pre-order Rescue and Redemption on Amazon here. I think you’ll enjoy it.



I know there are a lot of readers who don’t own a Kindle reader. I’m one of them, but I find that I can’t do this job of preparing books without using the Kindle format and there is a need to be able to see the product in that form. So I have two things to mention.

The first is that I’ve been knocking myself out trying to master the way to format a book for the other way of reading – using a reader that isn’t a Kindle, and therefore Amazon related.

This should have been straightforward, but I have struggled with it. I think I may have finally managed to master the creation of a book in the epub format. I think it looks good, actually, and I’m delighted to be able to provide for any ARC (early review copy) readers who are more comfortable with that format.

The second thing is that there is a free Kindle App that works on PC and smart phone. This is what I use to view Kindle format (.mobi) files.

When I download a Kindle file to my computer, a double click opens the document in a Kindle reader. Very simple.

For anyone interested, the link to download the app (or just to learn about it) is here.

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