to make a mage #1

What makes a Wizard?

I’ve been pondering, in a few idle moments, what are the elements that go to make up our understanding, or recognition, of Wizards, or Sorcerers (or even Sourcerers).

I’ve assembled enough thoughts to share here, for a bit of fun, and I’d be delighted to receive your reactions and responses and thoughts, if you feel like sharing them. Can’t promise I won’t steal anything juicy, though!

Anyway, the first thought is below.

to make a mage #1: staff

it begins
with a staff

it always
with a staff . . .

taller than himself
he pared back
the green bark
to expose
the butter wood

all the time
as he peeled
and scraped

absorbing into himself
sap and moisture

contributing his sweat
and skin
and being



then a pause

the stick must cure
and he
to the mundane
that are a life
in solitary independence

the stick
into rod

and now
the weeks
become full

filled with a delicacy
of chiselling

whispering and muttering

mouthed at the same time
as given shape
through delicate blade-craft

was this

no one knows
for true
but he knew
that was himself
entering into each
carven channel

occupying the shape
that was the word

that became
the wood

brass ends
fitted snug

no longer
a stick
or a rod

a carving
a staff

and his staff

it always begins
that way


16 thoughts on “to make a mage #1

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    • The power of the written word! Yes, definitely has to be addressed, I think.

      I wonder if there should be a logical progression. The posts will be all over the shop, just as my thoughts roved around.

      Definitely words of power need to be dealt with.

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      • There’s the dressing (clothing or disrobing) opening ritual, the lectern, the words read, the movements and reactions, sounds and recipients. At the end is the ritual for closing off the magic (leaking not allowed), closing the book, cleansing the body, cleansing the clothing (if worn). Then rest and recuperate, or write up the results and dream of the potential of what’s learned.
        I may have missed a step or not, but then, I’m not a practitioner.


    • There’s a whole exploration in that, I think, Liz. Man to mage in parallel with wood to staff.

      I was just thinking earlier on the minor conundrum of ‘born’ versus ‘made’ versus fortuitous alignment of universal events.


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