Dog and Mob

What is a song?

Some words? A tune?

A poem encountered by a songwriter? Actually, it’s all of these things. Maybe quite a few more, as well.

My wife Leanne is a wonderful songwriter (in my opinion), and from time to time she has used some of my work in the creation of a song.

Wonderful occasions, those.

Dog and Mob – from words, to song, to community music

A couple of seasons back, my Ukulele and Singing Group – Beechworth Spring Sing – featured a song that Leanne had concocted a few years earlier, based on a piece of my writing. It is a piece that I hold very dear.

Though I posted links to it on Facebook at the time it was recorded, I know some folk don’t visit there and didn’t get to see it.

I came across an MP4 of it on my computer today and thought it would be nice to revisit the song and to share again, with you.

Below is a private link to the video. I’ll probably only leave it up for a day or two, for anyone visiting here to take a peek.

Hope you enjoy.

Dog and Mob

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