Books Updates

A few small milestones that it’s my pleasure to mention. I get very excited when these things come along.

Hot New Releases

I love getting images as evidence. A status sometimes only lasts for an hour or so never to be seen again. Here are images snapped today, that got me going.

A #1 Hot New Release (A Kiss for the Worthy)

A #1 and #3 Hot New Release at the same time (Rescue and Redemption)

A #6 in category.

Lovely. Just lovely.

Also, in Australia . . .

I rarely pay attention to rankings on the Amazon Australia site. Always, my attention has been focused on faraway places. The reason for that goes back a long way and doesn’t relate here, but I took a peek today, and was pretty surprised and very delighted.

Walk Away Silver Heart #4 and #6 in Oz

A #4 in Australian & Oceanian Poetry

A #6 in Poetry about Love

Walk Away Silver Heart #4

Why is this a big deal? Two reasons, both personal in nature.

The first is the names that are on the same page. Very famous Australian poets amongst them – Les Murray sitting on top of the heap, as is right – but some other wonderful poets in the near vicinity. I grew up knowing them and their verse. It’s quite an honour to be in such company.

The second reason is that Walk Away Silver Heart is no longer in the ‘new release’ category. Inclusion in the list above indicates there is a little ongoing interest in the collection. That is very pleasing indeed.

A third reason? Well, yes, there is one. The category above is for actual Books, and not e-books. I’m delighted with that because I am a book person myself, and struggle to read on a device. It’s really nice to see this rating, for that (personal) reason.


I have neglected to acknowledge recent reviews posted a wonderful friend and supporter – Cage Dunn.

Visitors here will know that Cage and I collaborated on a poetry/prose collection – Herja, Devastation – a little while back. A story of love and assassination, a Valkyrie and an assassin. Lovely little piece of work!

Cage has been good enough to offer up very emotionally honest (if that’s a valid phrase) reviews of my works as they’ve come along, and I’m happy to bring attention to two of them from GoodReads for this series.

I have to mention that Cage (along with Andrea Flory – Meeka’s Mind has been absolutely instrumental in helping me to learn and understand the ins and outs of creating an e-book from scratch. Kindle and e-pub. They’ve created a bit of a monster, I think.

Cage Dunn review – Walk Away Silver Heart

Cage Dunn Review – A Kiss for the Worthy


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