it could be (as a vow)

and it occurs to me

it could come
for me

it is a virus
hungry and voracious

am just a man
like any other

lake any other

not yet confirmed
to be like
a survivor

I feel myself invincible
and vulnerable

in rapid succession

at the same time

and yet

the statistics
are just numbers

the people
that they might be
are random
unknown by me

my outing

my daily outing
to the supermarket
for one of
of that

my walk
stepping wide to avoid
a passing human being

my waking breath

anything that I do

that I am


every breath
that I take
could be the one
the introduction

the virus
may like me

it may

it might take me
in a marriage
to itself

for ever

until death


16 thoughts on “it could be (as a vow)

  1. Oh, my goodness! I have not yet lost anybody close, but I was on a Zoom meeting this morning in which a lady said that she had lost a brother and 20 or more friends. Yikes! At first I resented being considered in a high risk group (because of my age), but I now am doing whatever I can to protect my good health and remain a survivor!

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  2. I’ve just seen the news on the new infections in Victoria. There is an emerging sense, at least to me, that the government has lost control down there, Frank. Very worrying. I’ll have to go shopping and go back in the bunker. Must be exceedingly worrying for people like you in the caring professions, Frank.

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