Book Launch time!

This is the start of an exciting couple of days, over here at Frank-ville. New book releases, interviews going public, new poems (maybe)!

Every day is . . .

In some ways, of course every day is exciting. In the last year or so, the world has turned on its axis quite sharply, bringing perils and travails. Challenges and difficulties. Losses and grief. And yet . . .

Each day, the sun has risen. A new view, a new perspective. New poetry to write. A new day to live and to love.

The world is wonderful, despite all.

Beechworth Rail Trail – Autumn 2020

On this day . . . A Kiss For The Worthy is released

Today is the 17th of May. It’s a special day for a number of reasons, but particularly (this time) because it marks the release on Amazon of A Kiss for the Worthy. The second part of my A Love Poetry Trilogy.

It seems as though this particular release date has been coming for a very long time.

For any new or recent followers of the blog, or anyone not otherwise aware, A Love Poetry Trilogy is three collections of what I have determined is love poetry. The three collections each derive from an original poem written a century and more ago by a stellar poet of the past. My new work takes each line or phrase of the original and uses it as the basis for a new poem.

Broadly, the Trilogy and its original poem/poet are as follows:

Walk Away Silver Heart – Derived from Amy Lowell’s poem Madonna of the Evening Flowers.

A Kiss for the Worthy – Derived from Walt Whitman’s poem Leaves of Grass.

Rescue and Redemption – Derived from the T.S. Eliot poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

I’ve been delighted with the responses and reactions of early reader/reviewers. Truly delighted, and I thank them, again.

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Buy-link for A Kiss . . .

If you’d like to know what the fuss is about, here is the link to buy a copy of the book.

Remember, I love to know your thoughts about my work – what you liked, and what you didn’t. SO leave a review or get in touch personally.

It will be my pleasure to chat.


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