unknowing (the city)

the trees
do not care
beyond yellow
and red

the stream
does not worry
it just runs

for the rains
have come
and the world
has turned

it is autumn again
as it should be

the city
close by
has died
just a little

there is trouble
in finding
a soul

for it is people
that it needs
and the people
are all home

on the streets
but their echo

and a little
lost litter
that rides
upon the wind
whose song is sung
quite alone

but the trees
around the village
don’t know
city life

they feel
for changes
in the air

their leaves
as one season
becomes the next

if people stay home
they don’t know it

if the city
is alone
they don’t know


17 thoughts on “unknowing (the city)

  1. I love this poem — it’s just a shame that the second half had to be part of the story it tells! I’m so glad you have some water now — I hope it doesn’t create mud-slides after all the fires! Now the challenge is to get the people back out on the roads, doing their more normal activities. We are beginning to open up finally — opening some stores for curbside pickup, and partially opening beaches and parks. Each county will make decisions within that framework, and states will all have their own framework.

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    • We have been inundated with glorious Autumn pictures from around the town, and it is lovely. A visit to our local small city yesterday was very different. Very empty, folk seemed rattled and a little jaded.

      All the cultural/nurturing places still closed down as being non-essential.

      It was powerful.

      The rains have been good – steady, not strong, and more plentiful now than for some few years. The countryside looks lush and beautiful.

      Soon enough the next rounds of desperation and disaster will strike, no doubt, but for the moment, there is beauty to be found.


  2. Beautiful picture. I’ve only been in our small town and in the woods and fields around it since the Lockdown started, and although things are a bit different, it doesn’t have the strange atmosphere that our empty cities look to have.

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