a remembering

april 25th
is anzac day
over here

once every year
folk gather
to remember
the ones
that didn’t come home
from a war

or didn’t come home
the same
when they left here

at dawn

this year
that can’t be done
the virus
is a war
all its own

this year
a trumpet sounds
in the darkness

and people stand
on the street
in front
of their houses

and light candles in the window
right beside
a row of medals
or a ribbon

and somehow
the feeling
of a sacred moment
has been shared

the self-isolation
of a nation
is broken down
one person
at a time

by a moment
in unison
at the end of the driveway

standing on the lawn

and a minute
of silence


My World War 1 series of audio readings is still posted if you’d like to listen today. Find them here (There is a drop-down list for different battlefields if you have particular interest in them.

14 thoughts on “a remembering

    • Thank you, Liz. It’s all very odd, but there is a certain spiritual aspect to this remembrance performed alone.

      I still hope to do more with the WW1 poems. Perhaps put them into YouTube clips. My wife/producer believes we can do something special . . . in time .

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      • That’s exactly where I’m up to, Liz. Particularly looking at my Beechworth Bakery Bears collections.

        ve set myself 12 months in which to learn properly how to construct an e-book – epub in particular – and how to attach/embed accompanying audio audio.

        I feel I have to learn how to build it from the ground up, though. We’ll see what happens.

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      • Ha! I’m finding it all a bit mind-blowing, TBH.

        Learning much, but so chaotic! The Bears I have created initially by using powerpoint and creating page sizes for kids books and so on. I learned mainly from YouTube on that one.

        I haven’t yet tried pictures in a regular (6 x 9) format PB and EB yet, but am working on that now. Much help from friencds on the way.

        Someone who has posted a lot, and actually produced some books on the subject is Andrea Flory (Meeka’s Mind) – based in Melbourne. https://acflory.wordpress.com/

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