fourteen years (out of picture)

there is a weeping
on the tv tonight

a man
closing down
his life
of the last fourteen years

a business
built from scratch

he can’t
hold it together
on camera
as he tells his anguish
at having to let go
his staff

his wonderful staff

and swearing
a vow
to start over again
when this virus
this disaster
is gone

day one
year one
another fourteen

I’m sorry
he apologies to viewers

I’m sorry

turns away
to weep
into his hands
out of picture


10 thoughts on “fourteen years (out of picture)

  1. Absolutely! As we moved into this sequestration, the comment was made that our lives will change in ways we cannot fathom at this time! Lives lost, businesses lost, businesses changed, lives changed — all will be included in this change, as well as probably many others I’ve not mentioned. Thanks for this poem, and the next one too, describing where we are now — I will look forward to the happier poems as we come out of it all!

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