a social distancing (of money)

at the hardware

at the butchery

there is black tape
marking out crosses
on the floor

they are placed a metre
and a half

there is a sign
on the counter
to declare
there is only room
for three people
at a time
in this store

social distancing
at work

at the bank
as I stepped
a pace forward
toward the glass

the teller
moved back
one pace

she gestured me
to return
behind the line
so that she could
in turn
approach the counter
to do her work

a strange
and almost graceful
social dance

when I bought
a packet of seed
for the rejuvenation
of the home garden
the girl asked me
to present the packets
with the barcode facing up
to facilitate scanning

so she didn’t have
to touch the packet
after I had handled it

pay by card

money is no good


14 thoughts on “a social distancing (of money)

  1. Cash is no good here either. And just as an aside Trump says the US has troops on the Canadian border. Seems we are out of favor. I cannot believe this is happening. The longest undefended border in the world until this President has to change that. Sorry for this rant but ….

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