an epoch (in a face mask)

not so long ago
we used to argue
about women
who covered up their faces
each time they left the house

never showed themselves
in public

some said
it shouldn’t be allowed

some said
it was the sure sign
of a terrorist
hiding within
a long skirt

our summer of burning came
and smoke
filled up all our air

you couldn’t see
a hand
held in front
of your face

we started wearing
just to be able to breathe
if we needed to step

we’d never experienced
anything quite like it
at the time

some thought
and I thought
the world
was coming to an end

and maybe it was

we had a few good days
with clean air

and started to feel
as though life
real lif
was on the way back

the virus came
and breathed all over
the whole
of the world

the government announced
that it expected the arrival
of about thirty-four million
face masks
within a week

so many

this time around
the air looks fine
clear and clean
it can make you sick

or kill you

the whole country
is sick

and it looks
to be dying

it was only
a very little while ago
we used to worry
about women
who covered their faces

that seems
such an epoch


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