karen’s story (as heard in the welfare line)

I was the last one
to be employed

my third job
working in

but I
was the first one
to get the call

a quiet
sad word
from the manager

first to go
and now
all three jobs
are gone

I’ve got no money
but the mortgage
is due

so far I haven’t had a call
to say
it’s likely
to be waived

I don’t want
to cry about myself
I’m not the only one
like this

it’s everyone
and everywhere

I don’t know
what I
am going to do
and this line
to get the dole
moves slow

I’m not going
not getting

but my little girls
still need
to eat


14 thoughts on “karen’s story (as heard in the welfare line)

  1. Our government is attempting to get some cash to those laid off — but it’s a real struggle. We have been shut down from one to 17 days, depending on the state — it’s a strange jigsaw puzzle as to what one can/cannot do. I fear that it will last much longer than we all hope!

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  2. A powerful poem, Frank. This is exactly what I am fearing. Our government has imposed a lock down for 21 days from Friday this week. Our economy was already a complete mess due to years of corruption and mismanagement of funds. I believe, or should I say know, it is going to collapse. We are going to face a great depression and people starving. It is scary.

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