the future (is a child at play)

I was going
to write
about shutdowns

considered non-

but instead
as I contemplate
and the need
for life events long planned
to be cancelled
I am distracted
by thoughts of the pleasure
that can come
with company

of how small children
represent something

unbridled life

and joy
even amidst incidental

I was watching
a young boy
a small girl
at play

surrounded by adults
who had moved mountains
to create
a happy moment

a particular happy moment
in the course
of the day

so much laughter
adult and child

and learning
a high tea
even with the presence
of teddy bears
is no small thing
to master

time spent with a child
in such circumstance
is surely
the point
of any future
that might be left to us
after all

is it not


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