Aquarius: Speculative fiction inspired by the Zodiac

Big shout out to colleagues and friends at the Australian Speculative Fiction (ASF) Group.

The group have been very active in promoting and supporting Australian SF writers in a whole range of ways – a very dynamic group. Among their activities has been the creation of a series of anthologies, including a Zodiac inspired series.

Now, I’m a Scorpio, myself, but managed to scrape together a poem for the Aquarius selection called ‘Where are your sheep’. I was quite thrilled to have this piece accepted as I feel that much of my work is of a speculative kind, but I’ve never been sure that it would fit in with such a genre.

It probably still doesn’t but having an acceptance is very special.

I think this has been a wonderful initiative by ASF, and it sings alongside their 9 novella series ‘Drowned Earth’, which is a fabulous set of stories and publications.

SHould you be interested in acquiring a copy of Aquarius, the Amazon link is below.

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