defiance (and survival)

it was

is what the politicians

thousands of people
in defiance
on bondi beach
and failing to exercise
social distancing

the price
of disobedience
to edict
and official request
is the closure
of beaches


it was unacceptable

that’s what
the beach lovers

they can’t stop people
from living
like people

they can’t be allowed
to impose fear
by decree

the over-reaction
is outrageous

just who
do they think
they are
to close down
our beach



that a person
can’t walk alone
on the beach

at a time of such
and isolation
and loneliness

a walk
beside water

the feeling
of sand
between the toes

the idiots
have shut down
the beach

of the beaches

why is it
that only the fools


15 thoughts on “defiance (and survival)

  1. Normally it would be spring break in the US. Students tend to go to Mexico, or to Florida to play and party on the beaches. There were so many young people at the beaches in Florida yesterday that they “cancelled” spring break, and sent everybody home with a stern warning that over 50% of those in respiratory trouble are between 24 and 54! I haven’t seen much complaint about that, but I’m not sure we would — I’m sure the students were not happy!

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  2. They cannot stop the beach bonfire tonight !!
    “on the beach I begin
    because now I am ready
    and so are you
    to turn our fear into fuel
    build a bonfire to bring warmth
    for all now sitting in cold darkness
    I start with kindling of prejudice
    add sticks of anger
    a log of fear
    a heavy round of anxiety
    watch the flames ignite to hot glow
    come close and sit with me now
    add your logs to this burning pyre
    hate and terror blaze brightly with heat
    finally an efficient use for their energy
    let’s watch
    as flames of love
    devour all that we
    believe we cannot face
    to singe away, char and reform
    all that has been holding us back
    love knows how to transform
    create a burning
    to warm us all through
    this dark night.
    come to the beach
    now we are ready”
    © Alicia Grimshaw 2020

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