A Giveaway, and three #1’s

***Edit*** four #1’s! . . . seven!

I was prompted a short time ago to contemplate embarking on a Giveaway exercise, through AMazon and an organisation called The Fussy Librarian.

I get tied in knots about the idea of Giveaways, in that I prefer to be in control of who gets what, and what I generally prefer is to focus on folk I know or who have otherwise been supporters of my work.

Long story short, I decided to see what happened. Today is probably the end of Day 1 (the Giveaway is only on Amazon.com, which is a very different time zone).

#1 Contemporary Poetry

At the time of writing, there have been several hundred copies downloaded.

My hope is that some of the folk downloading will a) read the collection, and b) enjoy it enough to pre-order the next (A Kiss for the Worthy) and c) leave a little review and recommendation, here and there.

What I didn’t expect is that my little poetry book would be scooted along to a #1 spot in Contemporary Poetry, or . . .

#1 Poetry about Love

. . . a #1 in Poetry about Love, or even . . .

#1 Emotions and Mental Health

. . . reach #1 in the Category Emotions and Mental Health.

Rarified air, this, but there is more – apparently, the giveaway is operating in Australia, as well.

#1 Australian and Oceanian Poetry

So. My purpose in writing, apaprt from sharing every nuance of progress in my writing (and authorial) development, as I do, is to let you know that the Giveaway will be going for a week, so there is a chance for more folk to access it for free.

Should you have already purchased a copy, thank you. I invite you, now, to think about anyone you know who might enjoy or otherwise appreciate a little new love poetry, the way I write it.

I would be delighted to make new friends through this. The buy (for free in the Amazon.com purchase zone) link is below.

14 thoughts on “A Giveaway, and three #1’s

    • It’s a hoot, CHeryl.

      In seriousness, I’m not sure what it achieves – perhaps a little awareness of me as a writer, perhaps a couple of reviews. Probably not too much more than that, but having pictures of a #1 in Germany and a #1 in France makes me smile, for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

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