Well. It seems I have . . .

. . . a trilogy!

I’ve been working like a mad thing for weeks now and I’m so relieved to have reached a significant milestone.

Today, I uploaded the paperback cover and content files for paperback printing on the third book in my A Love Poetry Trilogy.

That means that both e-books (with a little minor editing still to come) and paperbacks (subject to proof quality) are up and going and available for pre-order.

It has been quite a feat of learning and concentration to get to this point. I’ll see if I can post the links as a set. (Hmmm, not quite behaving, but they’re valid links and valid cover pictures, so I suppose that’s ok):


walk away silver heart: Poetry inspired by the Amy Lowell poem ‘Madonna of the Evening Flowers’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 1) by [Prem, Frank]
Paperback: 14 March, 2020
Kindle: Purchase Now.


a kiss for the worthy: Poetry inspired by the Walt Whitman poem ‘Leaves of Grass’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 2) by [Prem, Frank]
Paperback: 30 April, 2020
Kindle: 17th May, 2020

rescue and redemption: Poetry inspired by the T. S. Eliot poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ (A Love Poetry Trilogy Book 3) by [Prem, Frank]
Paperback: 14 July, 2020
Kindle: 30 June, 2020
A Love Poetry Trilogy – Covers and Links

In any case, I feel that I have moved mountains and I’m grateful for getting to this point.

Please feel free to pre-order any of the books at any time from now on, they are available for that.

It is only poetry, I know, but the responses I have received to Walk Away Silver Heart and other collections I have put into book form previously suggest that there is something special about this kind of writing, this kind of reading.

I am certainly moved, enormously, by the positive responses to what has been my life’s work, in some ways.

Should you get one or more of these collections for your own personal library, I do so hope you enjoy them, and that you will shout about it, if you do.


13 thoughts on “Well. It seems I have . . .

    • Thank you, Tracy. I really can’t express the impact that support from folk who have encountered me incidentally on their own journeys and then taken time to to give some encouragement and often to show me a way forward.

      It’s still not a great hill of beans, but it means a heck of a lot to me.



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