Valentine’s Day and Walk Away Silver Heart

About the Collection and a link to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just 2 days away now and I pursued getting the e-book ready, so that it could be pre-ordered for delivery on the day (US time, I’m guessing). Than you to those folk who have pre-ordered their copy. It makes a wonderful start for the collection.

I had a couple of reasons for targeting Valentine’s Day. Obviously, it is a day when we celebrate love and love relationships towards our special ones. But I also felt there were a couple of unique aspects to this collection that make it both appropriate and a little bit special.

I know that regular visitors to this blog are familiar with my approach and style of writing, but I wonder if others – your loved ones – might also find it interesting and worthwhile to read? Here are a couple of reasons why you might think about getting a copy as a gift for someone special.

. This is a male perspective on love and belonging and being in a relationship. Of absence and loss. In my experience, the masculine is often absent from literature on love.

. The collection can be read aloud easily, among friends and between lovers. It can be discussed without being overwhelmed by sentimentality. What is a relationship? What are the important aspects of being with someone?

. The collection derives from even greater poetry – that of Amy Lowell, writing of her own relationship, so long ago. This too is a thing to be discussed among lovers of poetry and lovers and partners, more generally.

Reviews and Reviewers

A few folk have read Walk Away Silver Heart already and have been good enough to leave reviews and comments on Goodreads. I’d like to share a few of their thoughts with you.

. . . a profound mediation on the nature of love, absence and connection. A wonderful collection of love poems that cuts straight to the heart . . . (Anna Campbell, internationally bestselling romance author)

. . . each poem speaks of feelings, sometimes telling overtly of love, but sometimes this emotion is reached by a more circuitous route. In each of them, though, there is gentleness and patience. This is a mature poetry, a poetry that recognises love is something that needs to endure. . . (Mick Canning)

. . . imagine a man consumed with eternal passion for a woman whose hobbies are reading and sewing and whose love is gardening. It is easy to fall into the role of the beloved while reading Frank’s poems if these are also your interests . . . (Ms Jade Li)

. . . this is a flowing story, a windy path on emotional breezes. It touches you in places deep and real . . . (Cage Dunn)

. . . “Walk Away Silver Heart” . . . brought out emotions I have tried to keep inside.  Almost cathartic in a way.  A wonderful gift for anyone who is in love, or lost a love . . . (Cheryl Wood)

Get a Copy  for a Friend

Naturally, I would be delighted if you were to order a copy of Walk Away Silver Heart for yourself, but how lovely would it be for your nearest and best to receive a unique gift like this, delivered to their Kindle device on Valentine’s Day?

Get it here (or at your regional Amazon store:

With love and best wishes,


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